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Flaxen Performance is a PURE and BENEFICIAL pressed oil supplement from the Camelina Sativa plant.

Camelina oil is an edible oil that comes from seeds of Camelina Sativa, commonly known as false flax. Camelina oil is obtained by extracting oil from seeds of Camelina sativa. This is a hardy crop that grows well in cold and arid climate, even in very cold environments like in Montana and Canada.  Camelina sativa originated in Europe and is a member of the mustard family, along with broccoli, cabbage and canola. Sometimes it's called false flax or gold-of-pleasure. It thrives in the semi-arid conditions of the Northern Plains.  Camelina oil has a golden, somewhat olive oil like color. Surprisingly, it tastes like almond oil. Its aroma is herbaceous with some nutty tones. Camelina oil offers brilliant nutrition. Along with this, its healing properties make it useful for a number of conditions.

Camelina oil provides a balanced fatty acid profile of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids; particularly higher amounts of omega 3 than omega 6. Camelina provides an almost ideal ratio of 2:1:2 of omega 3:6:9. But what makes camelina even more special is the high amounts of vitamin E including alpha- tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, and gamma-tocopherol. In fact camelina oil is higher in Vitamin E than sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. It is perfectly balanced, by Design.

Flaxen Performance Camelina Oil is cold pressed, never heat processed, unrefined, not solvent extracted, GMO free, Glucosamine and Gluten Free.  This product is extremely stable with a shelf life of 18 months after opening.

Flaxen Performance's Camelina Oil's Omega 3's have been associated with a wide variety of health benefits including:

  • Antioxidant – Camelina oil is a strong antioxidant because of the high Vitamin E content.
  • Emollient – It moisturizes the skin.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – It strongly inhibits inflammation both topically and when used internally.
  • Anti-arthritic – Because of its high omega – 3 content, it can be used to alleviate pain in arthritis.
  • Hair Conditioner – It can be used as a hot oil treatment for hair.
  • Immune booster – Because of the high Vitamin E content, it boosts the immune system.

The benefits of fat as a source of energy to horses are now widely accepted. Substitution of starch with fat can help relieve painful muscle conditions, modify behavior and control metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance. Other benefits from the oil include:

  • Reproductive Health  - a significant boost in the number of normally shaped sperm and a rise in the concentration of spermatozoa in the semen. Nutritionists have also demonstrated that omega-3 fatty acids benefit pregnant mares and their foals. The mares passed along the fatty acids to their foals in their milk. These foals seemed to have a stronger immune system than foals suckling mares not fed omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Improved Performance - Increased flexibility of the RBC membranes is crucial, especially during exercise, when heart rates increase, blood thickens and packed cell volume rises. Increased elasticity of RBCs allows easier passage through narrow blood vessels in the lungs and muscles, thereby improving blood supply and oxygen delivery.
  • Reduced joint inflammation in both yearlings and older, arthritic horses.

Additionally, Flaxen Performance's Camelina Oil's Omega 3's have been shown to benefit canines:

  • Omega 3 oil is very effective in controlling allergies and skin disease.
  • Maintain mental alertness in older dogs.
  • Maintain a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Controls the growth of Malassezia pachydermatis which causes yeast infections in both cats and dogs.
  • Both Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential for health. Pets with allergic (flea allergy dermatitis), auto-immune (pemphigus, rheumatoid arthritis), or inflammatory (arthritis, glomerulonephritis) conditions need more Omega 3 fatty acids.
    Pets that have chronic illness (FIV, FIP, cancer) need more Omega 6 fatty acids.

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